18 Wonderful Men’s Hairstyles for Heart Face-Shape

If you’ve got a triangular or heart face shape, that means that you’ve got more of a pointed chin. Do you wanna stick with the more layered styles so that it helps offset the sharpness of your chin. As for length, you wanna go with longer on top styles, and shorter, but not super short, on the sides. if you go with super shirt sides, they can actually make you look like you’ve got big ears, which obviously you want to avoid. S o for you, you can go with hairstyles where you have hair swept across the forehead, or on the forehead and back, either a side part or a quiff. these all look really great on you. if you’ve got coarse and kinky hair, then you can actually go with longer all the way around.

So somewhere between two to three inches in length. With this face shape, if you can grow some facial stubble or even a full beard, that’s actually really great, because it’ll add some width and weight to the bottom half of your face and help keep the rest of your face nice and balanced and proportional. Now if you do to grow out some stubble or a beard, then just know that you can also grow out the top of your hair a little bit longer too.

Brush-Up Hairstyle

brush up hairstyles for heart face

Comb-Over Hairstyles

Comb-Over Hairstyles

Shoulder-length Hair Look

Shoulder-length Hair Look for heart face shape

Classic Ivy League Hairstyle

Classic Ivy League Hairstyle for heart face shape

Short Side Volume on Top

Short Side Volume on Top  for heart face shape


Businessman hairstyles for heart face shape

Messy Fringe

Messy Fringe hairstyles for heart face

Messy Hair Look

Messy Hair Look  for heart face shape

Highlighted Tussled look

Highlighted Tussled look for heart face shape


Quiff hairstyles for heart face

Mid Length

Mid Length hairstyles for heart face

Classic Slicked Back

Classic Slicked Back haircuts for heart face shape


Buzz-Cut haircut for triangular face shape


Crew-cut haircut for heart face


Shaggy hairstyles for heart face shape

Short Hairstyle

Short Hairstyle for men with heart face shape

Crop Haircut

Crop Haircut  for heart face shape


Undercut hairstyles for heart face shape