Men’s Right Hair Products for Thinner Hair

Alright, so, if you’ve got thinning or fine hair, you wanna stick with light, more matter styling products. anything with shine in them, you really wanna avoid, because it will only accentuate the thinness of your hair. Aside from your thickening shampoo and conditioner, you wanna avoid any kind of heavy creams or gels, because it will only clump your hair together and expose more of your scalp, which will only shine a spotlight on your issue. Instead, go with lighter products like mousses and thickening sprays, and even you can use a thickening cream in your hair while it’s damp and then blow dry it so that it adds more volume.

Best Hair Products Thinner Hair

if you’ve got curly but thin hair, then you’ve got a really unique problem because you will wanna keep your hair nourished, but without weighing it down. So that’s when a thickening cream is gonna be best for you. For a thickening cream, I really like Kevin Murphy leave in thickening treatment, which you’ll spray in your hair while it’s damp. Now what it does is it helps strengthen your hair at the root, lifts the hair up so it creates more volume, a denser look, and it just helps prevent your hair from fallings flat, which obviously you want to avoid.

best men hair products for thinner hair

For texturing sprays, the groomers I spoke with all swear by this one. it’s from Oribe. It’s their Dry Texturizing spray. Go figure. it’s part dry shampoo, part hairspray, and it adds really incredible volume and texture to your hair while also absorbing any kind of excess oil that you might have, no, it is a little pricey, but it’s incredible.

Dry Texturizing spray for thinner hair for men


It’s going to last you a long time. if you’re thinning, you should also consider using fillers to add the experience of a fuller head of hair. Toppik is the one that is used most by hair professionals. It comes in a range of colors so that you can match it with your own hair color. Now just be sure though, to wash your hair out before you go to bed because otherwise, it can leave a big color spot on your pillow case.

best hair products for thinner hair men