Top Men’s Hair Products for Straight or Wavy Hair

we’re gonna talk about Right products for straight or wavy hair, you wanna go with a product that has some type of hold in it, depending on the hairstyles you go for. if you want something that is looser,┬ámore of a finger-combed look than going with a pomade or cream. However, if you wanna go for more of a controlled, combed back styles, then you definitely wanna stick with a paste, clay, and wax because that’s gonna give you the control that you want. the one thing you wanna be careful about is the level of shine these products have.

Best Hair Products for Straight Hair

So, if you want more shine, then you wanna go with a pomade or some waxes. if you want a more matte finish, so, a no shine look, then clays or pastes are for you. as for as pastes go, my hands down, two favorites ones are v76 by Vaughn. so this is beeswax and clay base, and this is one by Kevin Murphy which is just beeswax based. these two will give you maximum hold with a matte finish. and as far as keeping your hair in place, some men will just use a styling product, and that;s enough hold for them, but either will want more hold. so that’s when you wanna just finish.

v76 by Vaughn

 best product for straight and wavy hair

Kevin Murphy

Best hair products for straight and wavy hair

so that’s when you wanna just finish off your style with some hairspray. As far as hairsprays go, Non-Aerosol HairSpray ( Number 4 ) makes the best finishing hairspray out there. it holds your hair in place as well as it does not have that disgusting aerosol, chemically smell that most hairsprays are plagued with.

Non-Aerosol HairSpray for straight ot wavy hair