10 Amazing Hairstyles for Men’s With Long Round Layered Hair

Gentleman, Today post is about more beautiful hairstyles for men, the long round layered hairstyle also knows as the hockey cut. As the name implies, made popular by hockey players back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. When they were on television other men would see them wearing their hair and they just like the way it looked. This is for longer hair, so we’re talking about 6 to 8 inches.

Also, this hair is usually going to be curly or wavy. Whenever you comb the hair straight back, it’s at the right length, it’s going to look like a mini lion’s mane and that’s why it’s attractive for a lot of people. Many women are drawn to it as well, it’s got more of laid back kind of a vibe feel to it.

Gallery of Men’s With Long Layered Hairstyles


shoulder length hairstyles for men with layered hair

man bun hairstyles for long layered

Long layered hairstyles  for wavy hair

long layered hairstyles  with hat

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top knot hairstyles for long layered hair

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